Three Great Public Speaking Exercises

Public-SpeakingI have written before about practicing public speaking was one of the major factors that helped me overcome my shyness. I want to introduce to you three of my favorite public speaking exercises for you to try out and enjoy. I recommend that you try them out with someone you trust, for support and help.


This is without a doubt my favorite public speaking exercise. You need to find a good topic and then you will speak for it and when the time is up you speak against it right away.  Lets say the topic is dogs. For the first 30 seconds you praise dogs and tell you all about how wonderful they are but when the clock reaches zero you will go straight into the “against mode” and tell us about all the negative things about dogs.

I recommend that the topics you choose are very open so you can find arguments for and against in no time. 30 seconds for each side is a good time limit when you start out but when it starts becoming to easy you can up the time for more challenge.

Distance exercise (outside)

Speaking outside to a crowd can be a big challenge. This exercise is a perfect way to help you raise your voice and is a great confidence builder. You will need a partner for this exercise. Prepare a short text to perform (One or two sentences) and go outside with your partner. Perform the text and if your partner hears it he will go further away from you. If they can’t hear you you try again. This exercise trains your voice and body language.

Of the front page

This exercise works best with group of people. Cut out few newspaper headline and put them in a bowl. When it’s someones turn hand him/her a headline. They then have to speak around the headline for a minute or so. It ads to the fun if the audience gets to guess what the headline is the speaker talked about.

I Hope these three public speaking exercises will help you in your quest in overcoming your shyness.

Have a great day!


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