Three More Ways to Meet New People

Smile!This article is the sequel to article posted last week called Three Ways to Meet New People. If you are reading this article first I recommend check it out after you read this one.

1. Introduce yourself to is one of the most popular community websites on the world wide web. The site is organized into so called subreddits which focuses on different issues or interests. If you are passionate about something you can join the community detected to your passion. Being active on subreaddits is a great way to meet similar minded people.

If you are more focused on finding people to meet there are two subreddits for you. Check out  r/needafriend and r/makenewfriendshere and read the existing adverts from people who might be looking for you and you can even post one yourself.

2. Take a evening class

Taking an evening class is a great way to learn new skill or hobby. It is also a opportunity to communicate with and get to know new people. Often people stay few minutes after the class and it is up to you to be open and chatty. It should be easy to start a conversation since you have all been trough the same class so you can chat about your shared experience.

3. Join an amateur sports club

By joining an amateur sports club you kill two birds with one stone. You get a necessary physical exercise for yourself in social environment. By joining a amateur sports club you will become a part of a team and that will help you get to know the people in the team.

I hope this three suggestions will help you in your quest of overcoming shyness. I would like to remind you that the most important step is to take the first step. Without action nothing will be accomplished.

Have a great day.



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