Know Your Strengths

strenghts weaknessHave you tried to list down your strengths and weaknesses? Most people who do it feel it easier to find their weaknesses but listing their strengths are a challenge to them. It is a fact that most people can list up considerable amount of things they consider a flaw but only list few they consider strengths. I have even heard people say they don’t think they have any strengths.

I encourage you to list down your strengths and weaknesses. If you list more weaknesses that strengths you really need to brainstorm and dive deep in side your self and think carefully about the things you are good at. Put everything down even if you come up with something that you think is tenuous.

When you start being aware of you strengths your self esteem grows. You should even ask people around you what they think your strengths are. I will never forget when a friend of mine told me that he thought I was really good in a field I thought I was not good at. His words were a encouragement for me to find my other strengths.

I believe finding my strengths really helped my in my journey to overcome shyness. I am not saying you should ignore your weaknesses but to shift mental focus to your strengths. You will feel much better about yourself and will help you a lot.

If you do not think you have any strengths you have a problem. Thankfully you only need to start searching and find them. Everybody are good in something. Do not convince yourself otherwise.

Do yourself a favour and find your strengths.

Have a great day!


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