Positive Thinking

Positive thinkingSome people say there is nothing called good or bad luck, only positive and negative attitude. What they mean that two people can go trough the exactly same life experience with completely different view on it. For example lets say that you fall down a set of stairs and fracture your ankle. You could think you were very unlucky to fall down and as a result you can not walk around properly. On the other hand you could consider yourself very lucky that your injuries were not more serious. You could have landed on your head and still be at a hospital.

Same results. Two different view points.

You don’t need to be a scientist to see that people who are positive in thinking are happier and readier to face the challenges of life. With positive thinking as your weapon you are well equipped in you journey of overcoming shyness.

When I was younger I was very negative and considered myself a very unlucky person. However I tried, nothing seemed to go my way. When I consciously started thinking positively I made a major progress, both in my quest to overcoming shyness and overall happiness.

When you think positively you start thinking in solutions rather than problems. Your self esteem grows stronger since your “inner voice” becomes more positive and you might stop being unfair to yourself if you make a mistake or you fail something.

The change from negative to positive thinking won’t happen overnight but when you start you will feel change in yourself. You will start seeing opportunities where you before saw despair. You will notice people will even like you more since your positive attitude influence and infect others.

Positive thinking will help you overcoming your shyness. It did for me and I guaranty it will help you if you commit to change your way of thinking.

Have a great day!


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