An Easy Way to Find Your Soul Mate

listFor shy people finding your soul mate can be hard and believe , it was for me. After I found my soul mate I got to know this easy method because my girlfriend used it and she found me. Understandably I have not had the opportunity to try this out for myself but my girlfriend and I have recommended this method to many of our friends. Within few months all of them had found their soul mate.

So what is this wonderful method?

Make a list.

What do I mean by list?

Write down everything you want in your dream soul mate? Everything from looks to character traits. Want your mate to be ambitious or at least as well educated as you are? Write that down.  Examples of things to write down could be:

  • My soul mate should be able to make me laugh.
  • My soul mate should be interested in hiking.
  • My soul mate should want to have children.

Write everything that is important to you. By writing these things down will make your search for a soul mate more focused and you now know what you really want. Since the list could end up being long it is unlikely that you find a person that checks out all the item on your list but if you meet somebody that fits the majority of the list you are on the right track.

Interestingly for many people who have tried making a list for themselves have realized they already know their soul mate. Often we do not know the answer to our quest is right in front of our nose and the list helps you to see if that is the case.

I recommend that all you singles out there try to make the list. You have nothing to lose.

Have a great day!


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