Should I Drink the Shyness Away?

wineThe answer is…..No

When I was younger I used to turn to alcohol to help me with social interactions. I thought it was a wonderful way to help me socialize with people without feeling the stress and the anxiety I felt usually. When I was drunk I was more communicative and open to other people but after few years of drinking I realized this was a short term solution.

Don’t get me wrong. Responsible drinking of alcohol is all right but it is when you decide to drink to get less shy is when it becomes a problem. Many shy people have told me that by intoxicate themselves with alcohol is the only way they can have good time with other people. I was one of those people.

It took years and many unproductive days spent hung over to realize this was not the right solution to my problem. I was not overcoming shyness with drinking, I was just covering over the problem. I began to challenge myself to attend social events while sober. It was hard at first I soon found out the social interaction was much more satisfying while I was sober. I was overcoming shyness with sustainable results.

If you drink to help you socializing you are on the wrong path. If you truly want to overcome shyness you need to take a long look at yourself and decide you want the permanent solution. Not the temporary one which does you more bad than good in the long run.

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