Eye contact

Window to the soulFor some, maintaining eye contact with other people can be quite hard. Eye contact is one of the most important thing in social interactions. Eye contact builds connections between people so it is unfortunate that shy people are not comfortable with this aspect of communication.

It is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul and there is a truth in that sentence. When you look in someones eyes you feel like you are exposing yourself to the other person. At least it is how I felt when I shy away from eye contact. To be honest I still to that if I do not remind myself to maintain the eye contact.

If you find it difficult to look in people eyes you need to practice. Many people think it’s rude of you to not look into their eyes when they are speaking to you. By using eye contact correctly you will become more popular but how much eye contact is the right amount?

There is something called too much eye contact. When practicing maintaining eye contact be careful not to stare in the other persons eyes. Staring makes people uncomfortable so you need to look away every now and then. To find the right amount of eye contact you need to experiment. With more practice you will get better and one day you will be comfortable with eye contact.

Practicing eye contact will greatly help your quest in overcoming shyness. This is a challenge but it will be worth it. Take the step out of the comfort zone and change your life.

Have a great day!


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