Three ways to meet new people

Many of us who are battling shyness struggle with meeting new people. In the past I often wondered how can you meet people without it being strange and uncomfortable. Over the years I have gotten experience in meeting new people and below you can see three ways of meeting new people that I have tried out successfully.

1. Join an organisation

By joining an organisation and (this is important) be active in what this organisation does is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Be careful though to choose a organisation that you are willing to give your time to. Keep in mind that the organisation should fit your interests, values, and life goals. If you manage that you will find a organisation full of people you will instantly click with.

2. Find a group on

If you have a hobby or a interest is a great place to find a group of people who share your interest in your proximity. There are even lot of social groups with the only purpose for the members to meet new people. You can even set up your own social event if you don’t find anything you are interested in.

3. Attend conferences

If you are passionate about something, chances are that other people are passionate about it too. Go online and see if there is a conference dedicated to your passion. Conferences are a great place to meet new people. Most people who attend conferences go with the mindset to network which is a fancy word for meeting new people.

If you are having troubles meeting new people I hope you try these three ways. They have worked well for me whenever I tried and I am optimistic of it will for you too.

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