Not Letting Failure Control You

Give up or keep on goingWhen on your journey to overcome your shyness you will undoubtedly fail at something. It’s not a question if you fail it is a question of when. It is how you react to your failure is what makes or breaks you. If you are going to overcome shyness you will need to learn that failure is a opportunity to learn and to do better next time but unfortunately failure can affect people so they never try again.

Failure in social situations can be hard to overcome, especially if you are battling shyness or social anxiety. It is very normal to say to yourself that you are “never going to try that again”. I have often heard people tell me that they tried something once, failed at it and never tried it again. They had decided that they had failed and that meant that what they had tried was just “not for them”.

If you want to overcome your shyness and fears you have to face your failure head on. When I was starting my journey I went on a public speaking seminar and after that I started competing. In my first competition I failed hard. I cost my team the victory. I could not get any sleep the night after. I felt horrible.

Somehow I had the foresight to realize that I had to try again. I knew that if I would quit now all my work would be for nothing. So I demanded to be in the team again. I would learn from my mistakes. I have never prepared so much for anything in my life. I was much better in the next competition. That helped my confidence and saved my self-esteem.

What I am saying is when you fail you have two options:

  1. Give up
  2. Try again

Thankfully I choose the latter options all these years ago. If I have given up I would not be in the place I am today. I would probably still be in my shell, with very small comfort zone. I hope that you, dear reader, will never give up. I hope you will fight even though it is easier to give up.

Believe me. It’s worth it.

Have a great day!



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