The Power of a Smile

Smile!Have you ever meet a person that instantly lights up the room with his/her presence? Have you ever meet a person with that irresistible “killer smile”?

Most people would like to be able to command a room like that person and you can. Not many years ago I used to be the person who walked beside walls in every party or other social events. I only spoke up when spoken to so you could imagine I was not a person who stood out in a room.

That changed when I got to know about the power of a smile.

When I consciously tried to smile more I noticed few changes in and around me:

  1. People approached me more than ever before
  2. My confidence grew
  3. My self esteem grew
  4. I became much happier personality and positive in general.

As you can see smiling more dramatically changed my life. Before this experiment I used to be quite gloomy and negative but by just smiling helped me become a brighter personality. When I became more positive and people started to approach me in social situations it became much easier to take the steps out of your comfort zone.

The best part of smiles it has positive impact on yourself. When you are feeling down, try to smile. Even though it is a “fake smile”. After short time you will notice the fake smile has turned into a real smile and you feel much better.

I know it could be hard to believe that such a simple thing like smiling could have such a big effect but I hope you try this method out for your self and see if it helps you overcome your shyness. You never know if you become the one who lights up the room when you walk in.

Have a great day!


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One thought on “The Power of a Smile

  1. Loftur Már Sigurðsson says:

    A smile is the most powerful way to reach people 🙂

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